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Mirsal Education & Training Institute is an educational establishment focused on providing students, teachers, and schools around the globe with specialized quality services and consultancy.

Our strong network of schools and universities worldwide, years of first-hand experience in admissions-related processes, and ability to go above and beyond to help you or your children set us apart in our field.

We are not here to simply help students in only one stage of their life, but to help them in every aspect that leads to their success!

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Not studying in the “right” education system can sometimes hinder and complicate your child’s transition from high school to university, which is why we also aid in the enrollment of students in Canadian high schools to strengthen their foundation and educational background to prevent the arise of such complications.

In addition to this, we help students discover, apply, and get accepted into their dream universities on every major continent in the world. Many recent graduates tend to face uncertainties and doubts when it comes to their careers, which is also why we offer consultancy in career planning to help them realize their professional goals and achieve them. We will also be with you every step of the way in your educational and professional journeys!