TOEFL and IELTS are English proficiency exams that are used mostly for university applications. However, even though these language proficiency tests are a common requirement for English-speaking universities, you do have other options!

Many universities offer alternative pathways including :
– Taking extra English courses during your study
– Taking the university’s own proficiency test

Or, you may not even need an IELTS test score if you:
– Studied at a high school with its medium of instruction being English
– Lived in an English-Speaking country

The best way to know whether you need proficiency tests or not is to check with the universities you’re interested in applying to or to check with your admissions agencies.

But assuming that you DO need proficiency tests; how can you choose between them?

IELTS is typically favored more among people because it is:
– shorter, taking around 2:40 hours to complete
– can be used for university and immigration & job applications

However, TOEFL also has its own benefits!
It is:
– primarily multiple choice
– can be completed online or in person

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