IELTS For Students & Future Instructors

IELTS Preparation

(Academic & General Training)

The IELTS exam is one of the most important requirements for university and job applications alike. Not only do English-medium universities and workplaces require this exam, but it is also vital that you meet their minimum requirements. We offer IELTS preparation courses for the Academic and General Training exams and can guarantee you the score you’re aiming for!
With our courses, not only will you be introduced to the IELTS exam format and be able to practice for it, but you will also be taught how to manage your time in order to achieve the best scores you can get.

IELTS Training

(for Future Instructors)

Do you want to become an IELTS instructor and prepare others for their examinations? Our training courses will certify you so that you can qualify as an IELTS instructor and prepare others in their future examinations.
You will be able to not only teach others the in’s and out’s of IELTS, but you will be able to help others achieve their educational and professional goals through their success in the examinations.
Our years of experience speak for themselves and all of our previous students have become successful IELTS instructors. 

If you are looking for a reputed and renowned institution that can help your pupil to be
introduced to the IELTS examination, we at Mirsal education are capable of helping you.
The IELTS exam is considered to beone of the mostimportant requirements for applications
in universities and jobs. This examination is not only an important requirement in the case
ofuniversities following the English medium along with several other workplaces but it is
also extremely necessary that the pupils who would be applying are capable of meeting the
minimum requirements.
At Mirsal education we would provide you with the IELTS preparation courses that are
required for the general training and academic exams but also assure you the score that you
would be aiming for. The IELTS exam preparation training in Dubai along with the
necessary courses would allow us to teach you the proper format of this examination.
Besides by the time the course is completed you would be capable of efficiently managing

your time which would help you achieve the best possible scores you can get.
Mirsal education even hires highly qualified and experienced professionals who are
interested in becoming an instructor for the IELTS examination. The instructors whom we
hire at our prestigious institution would be skilled enough to prepare students for this
important examination. We even conduct training courses that allow us to certify you as a
qualified and talented instructor who can teach students the various aspects of this exam.
As an institution that provides Ontario high school diploma through online modes, we
ensure that both instructors and students would achieve success.