International TEFL & TESOL Training

If you hope to broaden your horizons and skillset, obtaining a TEFL/TESOL certificate is the way to go! Being a successful teacher means to be knowledgeable in your subject and having the ability to convey your thoughts and knowledge to others. We are the only UAE branch for the International TEFL/TESOL Training Institute (Headquarters in New York, USA).

With our internationally-certified TEFL/TESOL courses, you can become a certified teacher and can teach English to anyone around the globe!  Our 120-hour courses are catered to your needs and can be taken online or in-person, at your own pace.

Are you trying to find an efficient institution that can efficiently help you broaden the
horizons of your skillset? If yes, then we at Mirsal education are always ready to help you.
When individuals visit us with the hope of broadening and increasing the scope and horizon
of their various sets of skills we inform them of the most suitable ways to do so. One such
way is obtaining a TEFL or TESOL certificate. The term TEFL actually stands for teaching
English as a foreign language and the full form of the term TESOL is teaching English to
the speakers of other languages.

The TEFL and TESOL courses are considered to be much similar in nature to each other.
This is because both of the courses are a way of teaching the English language to those who
have a different native language. As an International TEFL training institute in Dubai,
UAE, Mirsal education, we provide the TEFL or TESOL certificate to those eligible
candidates and instructors who have completed the course after a span of time.

At Mirsal education we think that a person who is regarded as a successful teacher would
have the necessary knowledge, capabilities and skills in a specific subject that they can
successfully convey or pass on to their students either through thoughts or knowledge.
Being the only International TESOL training institute Dubai we understand how
important our international TEFL and TESOL examinations are for other students. Through
our courses of TESOL and TEFL that have been certified and approved by people
internationally we can efficiently take the responsibility of making you a highly qualified
and motivated teacher who can teach the English language to any person around the globe.