OSSD & Canadian High School Transfers

Universities are getting more and more difficult to impress, which is why your high school curriculum can play an essential role in your applications. Perhaps your high school’s current educational system is not up to par with your higher education goals, or perhaps you want to challenge yourself and add a secret weapon to your applications. Regardless of the reason, an OSSD will be extremely beneficial for your future; not only will you be strengthening your foundation and educational background, but you can do it face-to-face OR online!

An Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) is a diploma that is granted to high school students in Ontario and is equivalent to well-known qualifications such as A Levels and the International Baccalaureate (IB). If you’re planning to apply on applying to English-medium universities, you can use your OSSD in place of university admission exams such as the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) and the American College Testing (ACT).

Not only will obtaining an OSSD speed up your preparation for university admissions, but it will also give you an edge during the evaluation of your applications! In addition to all the educational benefits, the OSSD also helps many people find jobs in the skilled-trades sector as hardware technicians and culinary professionals.

No one’s location should limit their educational opportunities, which is why you can obtain an OSSD online with us through our partners! Each of our educational partners such as Blyth Academy, NOIC Academy, and Marco Polo Academy have decades of experience with Ontario Secondary School Diplomas and will help you increase your chances of getting accepted at your dream university!

Study at your home in your own country and get the Canadian High Schools Diploma ( attested by the government, Ontario )
Are you trying to find an experienced institution that can assist you to find the prestigious Canadian highschool and obtain Canadian Secondary School Diploma for your child without leaving the hometown and the family?Would you like to find the best canadian boarding school for your child? If yes, then we at Mirsal education are capable of doing so through our qualified and experienced team of professionals. As an educational and training institute we have always focused on providing the large number of students, teachers and educational institutions like schools around the world with highly specialised quality services like training and consultancy sessions.

The Ontario secondary school diploma or OSSD is mainly granted to graduates of secondary school in the province of Ontario in Canada. Any student who would complete the educational curriculum of Ontario would be awarded this prestigious diploma. Most of the schools offer it only as in-person but there are some schools which offer online OSSD.We at Mirsal Education and Training Institute can provide all the guidance and assist you in the admission process .
This would even help students who are under the category of special education, the TOPS program, the International Baccalaureate program that is popularly known as the IB program, MACS program and several other school programs that are mainly focused on the secondary education of students.
For students or candidates who are interested in applying for English medium universities, we can suggest OSSD which is internationally recognized and could be in place of the various entrance exams or foundation courses . Mirsal education is one of those reputed institutions that can help you with obtaining admission in Canadian high Schools either online or boarding and support you all through the journey Transfers in UAE by preparing you for different admission exams. Besides OSSD high school transfers in UAE you would be able to get the necessary qualifications and skills that are in demand among companies in the market.
As an institution that recommends Ontario high school diploma through online modes, we ensure that students would achieve success while the study abroad from their own home.

Our Canadian School Partners

NOIC Academy
Blyth Academy
Marco Polo Academy