We offer a variety of services that will help you excel in your future education and career!

KG-12 School Admission Consultancy

Choosing the right school for your child is vital for their improvement and development. Each student has their own unique needs which must be met in order to progress and be successful. If you’re not sure which school is right for your child, we are here to help! We mostly specialize in schools in U.A.E., India, and Iran

University Admission Consultancy

Applying to universities is often difficult, especially for first-timers. But that’s okay because we’re here to take the stress off your shoulders. Our connections with universities worldwide and years of experience set us apart in our field and we will guarantee you a spot at your dream university so that you can begin your journey!

OSSD & Canadian High School Transfers

Universities are getting more and more difficult to impress, which is why your high school curriculum can play an essential role in your applications. An OSSD is extremely beneficial for your future: not only will you be strengthening your foundation and educational background, but you can do it face-to-face OR online!

IB Guidance & Preparation

(For Students & Teachers)

Many schools in the world are transitioning into the IB Curriculum and this can sometimes be hard on students and teachers alike. We’re here to help ease the transition and prepare students & teachers. We will introduce you to the curriculum and guide you to ensure increasing the school’s average IB scores!

IB Curriculum Consultancy

(For Schools)

To increase your school’s credibility and make the university application process easier for your students, teaching a renown curriculum such as the IB is vital. Your school will become completely credible in its teaching methods and will catch the attention of more parents who are on the search for good schools for their children.

Career Consultancy


Choosing a profession and searching for jobs can be a daunting task. Many recent graduates tend to face uncertainties and doubts when it comes to careers, which is why we offer consultancy in career planning to help you realize your professional goals and guide you towards achieving them.

Academic Support

We offer academic support to help you pass your exams with flying colours!

Not only will our instructors teach you the topics, but they will also assess your progress through assignments and assessments frequently to ensure that you feel confident in each subject.

Aptitude Tests

If you’re uncertain about your interests and learning style, we offer aptitude tests that will guide you in identifying which paths you could take in terms of your education and profession!

We will also consult you in your possible career paths and help you reach your professional goals.