Other Services

IB Guidance for Students

Many schools in the world are transitioning into the IB Curriculum and this can sometimes be hard on students. We’re here to help you get accustomed to this new curriculum by offering tips and guidance to help you pass the IB with an amazing final score. We will aid you in writing Internal Assessments (IA), Extended Essays (EE), and in preparing for the IB examinations. Our advisors are IB-certified instructors and have first-hand experienced with the IB curriculum and have aided over 300 hundred students in their IB journeys!

The IB is an internationally-recognized qualification which can even replace entrance and admissions exams (i.e. SAT) when it comes to university admissions for students because of its universally-accepted syllabi and methodology.

In addition to helping students in their journeys, our advisors will also help teachers steadily transition into this new curriculum and become well-acquainted with it. We prepare teachers for everything IB-related to not only minimize the difficulties that can arise, but to also increase their school’s average IB grades in every aspect possible.


IB Curriculum Consultancy (for Schools)

To increase your school’s credibility and make the university application process easier for your students, teaching a renown curriculum such as the IB is vital. We offer advice on everything from establishing your school as an IB school to maintaining the curriculum and increasing the success rate of your students. The IB has many benefits for your school, students, and faculty members. Not only will your school become completely credible in its teaching methods, but it will also catch the attention of more parents who are seeking to register their children at schools.

Our advisors will first visit your school to assess its conditions and provide you with plans of action and possible improvements. Not only that, but we will also introduce you to the IB program, guide you in preparing strategic plans for the syllabi, and aid you in preparing the documents required for your school’s certification!


Career Consultancy 

Choosing a profession and searching for jobs can be a daunting task. Many recent graduates tend to face uncertainties and doubts when it comes to careers, which is why we offer consultancy in career planning to help you realize your professional goals and achieve them.

We will assess your interests and abilities, along with your previous experiences and will guide you towards finding what you’re truly passionate about. Not only this, but we will also help you achieve your professional goals by aiding you in preparing your resume, portfolio, professional profiles (i.e. LinkedIn and Glassdoor), and more to ensure that you get the job and career you desire!


Aptitude Tests

If you’re uncertain about your interests and learning style, we offer aptitude tests that will guide you in identifying which paths you could take in terms of your education and profession! Upon seeing the results of your aptitude tests, we will also consult you and guide you in possible career paths you could take, in addition to what your educational prospects could be and how you can reach your professional and educational goals.

Mirsal education can efficiently provide students with academic support services that
would help them to feel much more confident about their studies. Our highly qualified and
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The students would receive the necessary guidance and support that would help them to
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At Mirsal education we are considered to be one of the most renowned institutions that
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